Our PTSD Dog Service Program

Getting a PTSD Service dog can be a real challenge, and the long wait comes at a time when the recipient is vulnerable and most in need.

Save that Dog!
We are blessed to work with some rescue organizations that are first and foremost concerned about rescuing all dogs. As suitable dogs are found, they call us to assess them as recruits to our program.

What Dog Suits You?
At first, our highly experienced trainer works tirelessly to teach to teach obedience and socialization skills for each new canine entrant to the program. As their characters become more and more apparent, the team starts to see who might be the best match.

The Partnership
The close bond between service dog and first responder in need is developed over time. Once a potential long term partnership is established, with the full support and expertise of the Centurion K9 team, the pair attend ongoing training sessions, socialization meets and continuing support.